Impromptu Norwich Meet Up!


Many Thanks to @UnluckyTimmeh for arranging a very short notice meet up with myself and @PaperCrane, to try and capture the Norwich Big Boom Fireworks.
We met at Tim’s place of work and took off from the Car Park at the rear, and went straight up to try and capture the Fireworks at a distance.
Many thanks Tim for the invite !!.
I am going to try and get out tomorrow night for yet another crack at footage, somewhere local.
If anyone is in the area, and fancies a meet, let me know !! (weather permitting)


Yes, thanks Tim and Chris. It was a great opportunity to try something different - flying at night!

Frankly, I was bricking it. The reduced visibility made me nervous, but Chris was as confident as usual, even sending the Air way up, and relying on RTH to get his baby to come back.

Footage may follow - I’m not convinced I got the MP focusing properly but I’ve not checked properly yet. Footage from @chrisjohnbaker and @UnluckyTimmeh looked good though.

If nothing else and it all comes out blurry, at least it was a good learning experience.


Na !, Russell, ya done good !, shame I didn’t use the Mavic Pro that sat on the table!.
The Air was losing signal an embarrassing amount of times, and RTH kicked in once signal was lost, and that was straight up at 70 metres !.
Great Meet with the Guys, no cock-ups!, good sensible flying, and looking at my footage tonight, hopefully something to be able to show for our “meet-up”.
Ideal location for inner City flying, we must do it again, when the opportunity arises again !.
But next time, def Mavic Pro, or the Phantom 4 !.
And !, certainly with strobes next time boys !!!


Hi chaps.
No problem at all. Glad you enjoyed it. I hope Anissa wasn’t too cold.

This is what I’ve cobbled together so far:

Catch up with you all soon I hope.


Bloody hell that’s so much better than mine! I’m going to see what I can do with a bit of fiddling about.

Definitely wishing I hadn’t been such a bloody coward and sent the bird up a lot higher than I did!


Think a beer in The Murderers is in order. When I get back from US.


Works for me :slight_smile:


i think next time chaps, definitely need them strobes !, then we would see the drones !
I’m always up for a beer !


Chaps. Ever heard of Bawsey lakes? It’s out near Kings Lynn and has the Church of St James ruins nearby. Would be an ideal place to have a go with the goggles Russell. @chrisjohnbaker @PaperCrane fancy it sometime?

I’m so bored of this weather, so with Christmas Eve looking quite reasonable, I’m think of heading out there to do a reccy :slight_smile:


I would Tim, but, I am up to me neck in it ,at the mo!.
Could do something after New Year, but, cannot before.
Trying to keep sane by going to the Park ,as regularly as I can, in between showers !.
You, I and Russell will have to meet for a New Year Beer to chat about PfCO.


Looks an interesting location. Definitely up for a fly there - not before January though. I’m working until stupid o clock Christmas Eve & the week after is just mad.

Let us know how the reccy goes tho.


Sounds good to me. Maybe we can try it all in together? :+1:


Happy Christmas all.
Has anyone seen this before?


Now that’s weird. I’m sitting in that area right now and the NATS app isn’t showing that notification. Not sure why not. Have I missed something?


Ok, I think you’ve got ‘upper air space’ notifications switched on in your NATS app. Unless your Mavic Air is having delusions of grandeur, you can probably turn that off & you’ll be fine.


Thanks Russell. I think you’re right as it’s all about Flight level 125 and above :slight_smile:

Hope you and Anissa have had a lovely Christmas.


Oh the wine and beer are flowing so that’s a good start!

Hope you and yours are having a good one.


Happy Chrimbo Guys !, see you in the New Year for a beer ,or two ,three, four !