In the FACE! ⚠️ warning

Some have probably seen this before but this is BRUTAL :confounded: pilot taking his pro2 to the face!!

:warning: Blood warning :warning:


8.36 if you want to skip the build-up :nerd_face:

Not something I’d recommend trying :scream:

Let’s remember everyone


Moved your thread from #videos to #non-drone since the former is for your videos. :wink:


No problem, Cheers :+1:t2:

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I can never understand why people want to hand launch or catch something that has four spinning bacon slicers ! Surely it’s not impossible to find somewhere to land, when the odds will finally “catch” you out (see what I did there).

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Guy was standing on his tractor :tractor: if anything, life has taught me that these scenarios never end well :roll_eyes:

Has he never heard of the golden rule?

Think once, think twice, think don’t fly it into your face!

What a complete dingbat.

Walk with Elias.

Awwww that was nasty. Why didn’t the forward sensors pick him up?

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Possibly in sports mode :man_shrugging: they turn off when in loony mode :roll_eyes: at your peril :boom:

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I don’t know what to say. :man_shrugging:


Ouch, is what I usually say when I hurt myself. Unfortunately that often coincides with a temporary failure of the universal translator so anyone within earshot tends to hear a lot of effin’ and blindin’ :man_shrugging: