Inaugural flight - Windsor

I’m Pete from Windsor and joined recently.
Did my first flight of my Mavic Mini in the Home Park, Windsor, yesterday evening.
Kept well away from any stray persons within the Park and all went well, but I did lose sight of it against a cloudy background, luckily I regained sight of it just hovering.
Forgot I could have used RTH or checked its position on the map. So much to learn for a beginner but well pleased with the Mavic Minis’s performance


Should imagine it’s quite a common thing, losing sight of the mini, glad it all went well though. Did you manage to grab any footage to share? :thinking:

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The video wasn’t set up properly, that’s another lesson learnt.

Hi Pete, just a quick question, did the software warn you you were in controlled airspace? The whole park is n Heathrow CTR?
Mine says I need to request an unlock?


Hi Steve
As I understand it Windsor is well outside the restricted airport zone but is within controlled airspace so height is limited to 120M, although I haven’t had the bottle to go too high at present. I get a warning on the app that the height is restricted but no unlock needed.

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