Incorporation of latest CAA regulations into PfCO operations manual

Has anyone with a PfCO updated their operations manual to reflect the updates to the latest ANO updates including the lifting the 7kg UAV limitations to 20kg? If so, what did you add to your manual and what did you remove?

I’m a bit disappointed with 3iC (Who I did my on-line PfCO course with)… just over 6 month from taking their course and there is no longer any support from them. For an updating manual service, they are trying to charge £150.00 each update which includes checking my manual. Given that their course was very out of date when I took it and that I notified them of errors in the course that they did not notice, you’d think that they would be a bit more accommodating! If legislation changes regularly, this could become quite costly.

Below is a copy of the email that I received from the CAA

Requirements for UAS applications post ANO change

As you have hopefully seen the Government has announced changes to the Air Navigation (Amendment) Order 2019, which comes into force on 13/03/2019. Primarily this extends the airfield restrictions. Please refer to CAP1763 which provides full guidance for small aircraft users.

Please be aware that UAS applications received after 12/03/19 may be placed on hold or rejected if they do not reflect the latest amendment to the Air Navigation Order (ANO). So, before you make an application please ensure that your Operations Manual has been updated and meets the requirements set out in the

Key changes:

  • ANO changes for small UAS (20kg or less)
    • Revised limitations on the distance that SUAs of any mass may be flown from protected aerodromes
    • Changes to the dimensions of the ‘Flight Restriction Zones’ around protected aerodromes
  • Operations Manual changes
    • Article 94 removal of paragraphs (4) and (4A)
    • Articles 94A & 94B completely rewritten


  • Previously planned registration and Remote Pilot competence requirements are unchanged and will become effective on 30 November 2019.

  • When updating your manual ensure that your amendment log and version number/date have also been updated.

  • Any NQE recommendations which have been granted by an NQE prior to 13/03/19 are not affected.

  • Any changes to General Permissions/Exemptions or other CAA documents, such as CAP 393, affected by the ANO amendment will be addressed in due course.

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Hi there,

I had my Ops Manual rejected this week. Here’s an excerpt of the reply:

Operations Manual

Although you have demonstrated the understanding of CAP 393 and its Articles 94A, 94B (to some extent) and 95, this legislation is now changing.

On 20 February 2019, the United Kingdom Government published an amendment to the UK Air Navigation Order 2016 (ANO) which contains its changes to the legislation regarding the operation of small unmanned aircraft. The amendment is published as Statutory Instrument (SI) 2019 No. 261 entitled ‘The Air Navigation (Amendment) Order 2019’. This can be found, when published, at: http://www.legislation. The amendment comes into force on 13 March 2019 under CAP 1763.

I would strongly recommend including the upcoming changes to future proof your Manual when you re-submit replacing CAP 393 Articles 94, 94A and 94 B. Please see below the link for CAP 1763 and please include the related Articles 94 A-G, 95 and its full content on each within the Manual.

CAP 1763 Link - . Also, please include CAP 1763 in your Reference Document Table.

Once these have been rectified, please submit your updated Insurance and Manual as a reply to this email, ensuring the amendment log, version control, header/footer (if applicable), issue number and date (including page 1) has been amended also to show the changes now being made.

So I’m currently editing it to resubmit!

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Hi EvanW,
Is this your first time application or are you reapplying for the year?

If initial application, did whoever you took the course with not provide you with an operations manual that was up to date?

Kind regards,

It was an initial application. I was under the impression that my Ops manual was relevant at submission (it listed CAP1687 though as I don’t think 1763 was released at the time).

I’d request that your course provider provides you with an updated Ops manual. Who did you go with?

Hi Evan @EvanW
Didn’t the course provider check through your Ops annual prior to submission?
Who did you do your PfCO with?

I’ve requested assistance with understanding the changes (which the course folks have done) but essentially as it’s my manual, I’ll be amending it to fall in line with the new legislation.

Yes they did but in the time that is was OK’d for submission and my flight assessment, the legislation had changed. The provider has been great and responded immediately to my request for assistance.

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Hi Evan
thanks for keeping us informed I have set this thread to watching could you update when you find out more I need to update my manual in June so heads up early Will help :grin::wink:

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I just went through this pain myself yesterday (PfCo Panic!)

In the end I went through the ANO amendments line by line to change each para in 94 and to change operator to remote pilot etc. Didnt see this thread til now (thanks @OzoneVibe).

Like you, my training provider didnt get back to me, but in fairness its our responsibility to stay on top of our ops manuals. Its just a very complicated process.

I’ll let you know how mine goes!

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