Indoors - outdoors

do this with a pole :grinning::grinning:


Hi @lee reminds me of this video I saw on YouTube:

The behind the scenes was very interesting on how they got the shot.
"*This was a test, to see if it’s possible to film one long consistent shot from the air, through the inside of a house and back in to the air without anyone noticing how it was done. "
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:rofl::rofl: saw this a while ago when I was looking to see if it was possible/easy to fly indoors.

will just say prefer to fly, less chance of taking a friends eye out and less bounce when walking,

although something I have been thinking about with the use of catch handle on the bottom

will post full vid of this when edit is complete.

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posted this before but this was all shot on M2P

Nice use of a drone.
I use the Zhiyun Crane 2 for all my handheld video.
I am looking at the PolarPro Kantana for my Mavic Air, looks a useful bit of kit.

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the pans on the vid i just shared are using the katana,

really easy to fit and use, just have to watch out for the led reflections of the back arms when folded in.

If walking with it a bit of practice makes really usable

we’re looking at the dji ronin 2 or sc, have to look at camera weights, nikon z7 but glass is quite heavy.

how do you find you crane 2

I love it.
Handles my Canon 80D with 35-155mm lens plus my Saramonic wireless receiver.
I use a mini dual grip with it as well, so have both hands on the gimbal.
Have a quick release plate on the bottom to attach it to a Cayer tripod when not using it, also doubles as fixed camera point when using my phone to control the pan/tilt of the camera, if I want some silky smooth tracking shots.

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Very nice, I’m sure Ken Burns applied to GoPro footage on a pole would work.

Just saying, although it’s still a good shot

interesting! says has a 3.5 kg limit so may do the job