Inept and inexcusable DJI support

I had reason to contact DJI UK support re a possible problem with my smart controller 3 days ago. Just got standard reply “your enquiry has been sent to the appropriate department”.

This evening I received in error a reply to another unfortunate DJI customer re a lost drone following loss of connection. The email was full of personal details and info relevant to the incident including a load of data related to drone registration, serial number, … etc. which I hastily skipped over and just located an email address for the client.

I sent a blunt reply to DJI asking them to be more careful with their handling of client data. I also informed the person concerned via email of the c**** up and destroyed the “confidential” email. I advised a very stiff complaint be lodged with DJI. I received a thank you response and indeed they will do so. Difficult to see how that could happen other than gross incompetence by UK DJI support.

Since I haven’t heard form DJI myself I wonder who has got my email and all my personal details! Fortunately my issue with the smart controller appears sorted but they don’t know that.

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@johnbirt, I’ll check for your email in my in box…:clown_face:

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If the initials of the chap were NB then he is a friend of mine, very similar to what you mention re flyaway.

And quite a bad GDPR breach :frowning:


Got a call from China today! Profuse apologies and promise of additional training of support personnel would be provided. My details merged with another clients. Asked if I still needed support but I don’t now as I sorted myself.

Fair enough. Bad error but lessons learnt.