Inferno on the M62 today

This was on the hard shoulder on the M62 near Leeds this afternoon.

We were driving past in lane 3 and through closed windows, I could literally feel the heat on my face as we drove past :scream:

Someones pride & joy gone up in smoke. Thankfully they seem to have got out before they turned into Mr Crispy.

That looks fast (normally) and rather expensive.
Insurance claim and all of us suffer a percentage next renewal. :frowning:

Yeah the pair of them were standing up by the phone box. I did feel for them…

There wasn’t a single blue light or Highways person on scene so it had probably only just happened, lots of smaller pops and bangs going off all the time too :bomb:

Seems others could feel the heat as they drove past it too!

Must have melted the tarmac too?!