Info regarding Registration of Drones

Thank you for your email.

You are correct drones over 2.5KG will have to be registered with the CAA however this does not come into effect until November 2019.

At the moment, it is not possible to register your drone as the system for registering has not been set up yet. Registration should be possible around October 2019.

We have an information service that you can subscribe to called Skywise, this provides information regarding any changes coming about - please click on the following link if you wish to be kept updated in this area.

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I’ve just looked at the news on the CAA website and it says drones ove 250g will need to be registered. That includes my Mavic Pro. i also read somewhere that we will have to take a safety test from next year

Yes I know. Government that short of money they are trying to get money from anything. I understand registering drones but to take a test is extreme. They will make it expensive and so difficult to pass. On purpose

It’s just going to be a basic online safety test. I don’t think it’s a bad thing making sure everyone is aware of regulations and why they are in place.

Can’t see it costing that much.

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There are groups charging in excess of £600 - I know that is the price for professional bodies using drones, but that is just a sample of a price.

I imagine we’ll get registration stickers or similar to fix to the drone

Most probably and have a registration card to show if asked by the authorities . This Government is copying the USA as this is exactly what they are doing now.

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Is it really a bad thing, by being registered it means that if someone steals or finds your drone, they won’t be able to sell it.

And it will help us if people know that we are tested they may stop being so antey drone…


It would help local authorities to be more amenable for drone flying in public places such as country parks

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I dont think its got anything to do with copying USA and the UK government don’t seem to have a choice in the matter.

The new regulations are being set out right now by the European Commision and EASA.

Here’s the latest update.

And you can find the full draft regulations here in downloads.

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So after Brexit we can fly anywhere we want…
here’s hoping

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I have been registered for information on drones for a couple of months an no emails yet, which is strange considering we have had a change in the ANOs! Don’t expect much from this service.

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they want us to do it then it shouldnt cost anything

this is just another way for the goverment to cash in on day they will included taxes and mandatory insurance etc as they regulate the drone industry more and more because people are to eager to roll over and say thats ok mr goverment i know you only have the publics best interest in mind.there are already laws that can cover operators that fly dangerous or like idiots.i fuly understand a 400 foot flight limit,but registration not needed,yet i still here people say we live in a free country,what a joke lol

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Compulsory registration is not going to deter the dick heads anyway. They won’t register and still fly illegally

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#abacus just about sums it up in a nutshell.

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@Abacus and @Rafter
Not at all, hopefully. The whole thing about registration is that it will go via the app. The DJI Go 4 app already requires you to register yourself (albeit only via an email, but this could easily be expanded) in order to release the drone out of beginner mode.
The Govt and CAA have made it clear they want these restrictions all implemented and controlled via apps. So it’s defo not a money making exercise, and should generally not be able to be skipped.
Sure you’re going to get the odd hacked drone, but this is aiming at the simplest way to stop the majority of donkeys buying a drone at Argos and then going straight out and flying like a dickhead.


Well said @ianinlondon

That’s all well and good for the future and for those buying drones controlled by apps but what about the tens/thousands of owners right now who don’t update the apps and the ten/thousands of flyers who don’t fly with apps. I have a DJI 660 hexacopter using Naza 2, no app so how are these going to be controlled? Just playing Devil’s Advocate :relaxed:
I also see a problem with enforcement. If the police, who are the ones enforcing , not the CAA, are too busy to attend burglaries (“We’ll send someone round in a couple of days!”) Then they aren’t going to bother with someone flying a drone, especially if they can’t find the person with the controller.

I’m OK.
I never upload anything to DJI.
My drone phone is almost never connected to the internet, and I can easily make that a “never” once the app is logged in.
Nothing to force you to upload after the flight. Only need to logon to activate the app.