Information - Mavic Air 2 now - or wait for Air Sense?

hi just quick one as im a newbie, i live between 2 med sized airports about 5 mile apart, my question is should i buy the mavic air2 now or wait to see if air sense will be fitted later. i know its not essential its just theres off shore helicopters coming and going aswell as air ambulance so would be beneficial .
so what do you guys recommend


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I tweaked the title to give a clue about the info you were after. :+1:

Have a look at DroneScene, find your location and see what the airspace looks like. Login/PWD for DroneScene is the same as your login/PWD on here.

:point_up_2:username and email address for DS, no password needed

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Have just seen the subject change…

From what I’ve read, the jury is out on AirSense.

Per my first reply, I’d be more concerned about checking if you can actually fly from your home location given that you’re sandwiched between two airports. AirSense or not, if you’re in a NFZ it’s a non starter without permissions etc.


I believe if you order one from the USA then you’ll get the air sense. I think it was Ikoptas YouTube channel where he discussed this very topic.

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I will get something right one day… :man_facepalming:


Never mind all that drone nonsense, do you ride a RC30? :scream:

Sorry, but priorities, right? :rofl:


I know someone who ordered one and it was regionally blocked by DJI! even though the hardware was there it wouldn’t work, same as the old DVD region 1 and region 2 stuff which i thought was poor but the guy was quite upset having spent more on a drone to get Air Sense and ended up with none of it.

It might be the case that when DJI start shipping drones with Air Sense to Europe that they will unblock it. Also bear in mind that Care Refresh has to be used in the country of drone purchase so if you buy from the US you have to send it back there to be fixed should you need to.

I spent a lot of time contemplating then i just pulled the trigger and got mine without Air Sense!


Good to know. Thanks for that. I havent looked into it personally but stated what I had watched on Ikoptas YouTube channel. :+1::+1:

No worries:) i checked his blog and he put an update stating the same (Can’t find it now), they seem to be locking the software as well which is a shame but i understand, everyone would be ordering from :slightly_smiling_face:

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