Insane 360 Pano from China - Zoooooom in


Not sure what this was taken on - but by crikey - The Detail!

24.9 billion pixel image

Yeah - made by these people …. there are a load on their site.

They must strap a Red to a big drone ….


Probably not a Drone photo … bumped to #non-drone.


This numpty here would have bought it as being real drone footage, thanks for keeping me on the wise side :+1:

It’s easy for the uninitiated doughballs like me to be fooled.

Keep on keeping the likes of me informed.

Thanks OzoneVibe


Just been sent this link and OMG, I can’t believe the definition that they have been able to get! You have to zoom in to believe it

From this

To this!!!

Mind you, It is a pretty big drone!



24.9 billion? That’s so passé!

The bar is now set @ 195 giga pixel. :wink: (See above)

And both are by the same people …


… and I merged the two threads since they relate to the same topic.


Thanks Dave, missed the first

Think they are the same links - seems this may be an updated version of their 2014 shaighai shot! All pretty incredible detail…