Inspire 1 v1

Inspire1 v1 for sale. 2 batteries, x3 camera, quick fit props. Bought on a whim but never used as it should be. Very good condition £350. Buyer to collect.

Is this actually an Inspire 1 v2 @Skyrunner1 ?

It looks like a v1? :thinking:

No X5 gimbal plate, no leg extensions, possibly the 350Kv motors (rather than the v1 to 420Kv) - I can’t see the numbers stamped on them from here :slight_smile:

Possible, certainly no x5 plate and no leg extensions. Will amend advert. No con intended.


No mate, I wasn’t for one minute suggesting there was :blush:

Just hoping it wasn’t sold to you as a v2, that’s all :slight_smile:

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