Inspire 1v2 Gimbal ribbon cable

I have an Inspire 1v2 with an X5 camera I have never flown it as it was bought second hand as a spare for a project which didn’t materialise. I dug it out recently to see if I could get it in the air.
Bench testing without props showed a faulty gimbal which on checking showed three of the wires in the ribbon cable to be broken.
So guys my question is does anyone know where i can get it repaired…?
I understand that this may be a problem due to lack of spares…ie Ribbon cable.
Does anyone know anyone who can repair my drone. I would really appreciate and hope someone can help me.

It’s worth trying Drone Doctor. UK based an apparently DJI approved. I believe there is a discount available for Grey Arrows members, details in the Members Only area:

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Please refer to GADC Mermberhip section of the FAQ regarding the Membership needed to see the Members Only section of the forum.

I’ve got a broken X5 (yaw motor broke), I’ll have a look if the cables any good for you.

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That’s good of you thanks a lot. How much you want for it, if its usable…?

I haven’t got a clue about the condition, both of them look OK, but they’re still in the camera/gimbal. You can have the lot for £40 (no lens, that went onto it’s replacement). It worked perfectly before the GPS cable failed in the Inspire and it landed a bit rough into tall grass. No physical damage to the Inspire, but the yaw motor on the gimbal broke.

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You can buy them via eBay:

OK! Deal I’ll swop you my address for your bank details. As soon as I get it I send you a fastback payment. Is that acceptable?

Yes mate, fine.

@MrT we’ve deleted your last post as sharing your home address and other personal information on a public web site is not advised.

That was my first stop they havnt got the part needed but thanks for the suggestion.