Inspire 2 Advice-Safety Mods?


This happens sometimes.

Print failure


Your batch will be in the post tomorrow :sunglasses:

I’ve marked the side to file using her lipstick, couldn’t find my red maker…:shushing_face:


Hope you weren’t wearing it mate :wink:


Naaa my clour is more peach…:heart_eyes:


Sooo she’s all ready for the sky’s, that gap measured 0.203mm and now measured at a fat 0.

Other than eliminating the vibration, I’d expect that there will be less noise and maybe better precision in the hover.


I did see the Japanese video where they used superglue to build up the base of the props obviously waiting for it to dry then file down to suit

it is another option


I saw that video too and thought about going that route but knowing how brittle superglue is when sticking to one surface I went for something that will more interesting.
Some years ago that’s how I’d have done it.


Hope that lipstick is non smudge, might have some explaining to do.
Thanks again.


I’ve been out to test the 3D printed parts, they have transformed the Inspire, unfortunately my camera was not charged so I had to use the iPhone to film the hover.

I uploaded the footage straight from the iPhone to YouTube and it’s 240p any way here is the clip, the other thing is the propellers are quieter.


Excellent result, just waiting for my delivery and will then fit and update.
Am sure the result will be as good,
Thanks again for this quick fix @Njoro


You’re welcome, let us know how it feels? I found the Inspire that bit more responsive, in Atti mode it was a joy to feel that “stick response”.
Technically speaking, 0.203mm x 4 has a negative feedback to the PID loop which has always got to be hunting so the PID loop has to be dampened somewhat, which always translates to larger aircraft movements in the air.
The locked propellers are now able to translate IMU correction instantly without the difference in individual propeller lag due to that small play.

It just works…:nerd_face:


Big thanks to @Njoro
Received and fitted the prop upgrade. Removed the foam, gently filed down 3D printed blocks. The props are now tight and no play.
Did a quick 15 min flight and all perfect. Like you say very responsive in Atti mode. Thanks for printing and sending so quick.
What an amazing site this is.


i’ll second that !!


Ditto what he said


I managed to get out for a quick video shoot of the Inspire mod in action, the wind was gusting at 20 mph


@mickydd, Check out that windsock…and no hand on the controls as I explain how to suck eggs to an 84-year-old in the office chair…:crazy_face:


Looks like one hell of a party Lance.
Sorry I missed it.


You’re more than welcome to join us one day, maybe if all is well next year pop over for the full size gliding week when you can have a flight or two.


Have you seen the size of me?
Might not fit in.
Thanks for the invite.


I’ll vouch for that you will need plenty of pork pies too