Insta360 RS Trio Setup Plus Extras [SOLD]

Gone and done it again, spent hundreds on gear I will never use, bought new when released in April, with receipts for any possible warranty issues, only used once back in May for half an hour
Bought as the twin set then added the 1Inch lens, remote, etc
Insta360 ONE RS Twin 360 Edition Starter Kit cost £525 (48MP Lens and 360 Lens)
Insta360 ONE R Mod 1 Inch Leica Wide Angle Mod cost £259
Insta360 GPS Smart Remote cost £63
Insta360 ONE RS Cold Shoe cost £25
Lens Cap for Insta360 ONE RS 1Inch cost £9
Hard Carrying Case Travel Case Storage Insta360 ONE RS and Accessories cost £22
290cm Carbon Fibre Invisible Extended Edition Selfie Stick For Insta360 cost £27
£930 all told with receipts in my name and address for everything
I will never use it, and I need a new powered chair, so the money will be better spent on that.
£650 for the lot, it is a bargain, there is also a brand new sealed Integral class 10 U3 64GB Micro SD included
Ask if you need further photos
I would prefer collection from Sherburn in Elmet, but I can post at cost, I do not use PayPal sorry


What a bargain, if I had not just bought the new One Inch RS I would be pulling your arm off.

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Phew dodged a bullet there, I need my arms :joy: :crazy_face:


And I need my head, if I buy any more drone or camera gear she will rip it off. I wear the pants in this house until she gives me that look, then the pants turn into a pink tutu. :thinking: :joy: :thinking:

I get really bored mate been housebound, so end up watching these YouTubers when new gear is released, got to stop it, first port of call is cancelling my YouTube monthly subs lol
My poor Mini 3 Pro has only flown twice since I got it on the day of release

Yeah, I hear you mate, my hip is getting worse and worse and the doctors just say “keep taking the pills”.

My mate is as good as housebound, he bought one of those tabletop laser engravers, earns good money engraving logos and names on all sorts of things for hotels and restaurants.

We were over your way last Sun to Wed, blumming wind never dropped so never got to fly, we stayed next to Blackpool FC in the Travelodge, real handy for my powered wheelchair, but I couldn’t get over how quiet Blackpool was


Yep, last year we had a boom year because peeps could not go abroad, this year is dead. You were just around the corner from us.

That is why I still have my Typhoon H because it is great in the wind.


Hmmmm… tempted but bit rich for my blood right now, and also waiting to see what they announce later today.

I’m avoiding them, too tempting lol
But looks like a security camera for home cctv

Yeah - you could be right there, but an odd direction for them to go in if it is.

No not really, it is how they originally started, and they have always still made security cameras

New one on me, Always seen them ( that is) as a consumer leisure brand that then introduced pro versions of the cameras.

Their about page even says something to that effect:

How It All Started

In 2015, we founded Insta360 because we wanted a better way to share experiences. We’d been searching for a 360 camera that would allow us to share great moments with people anywhere in the world — not just snapshots or partial glimpses, but full, immersive moments. When we couldn’t find the right gear to realize this vision, we decided to build it ourselves. We haven’t stopped building since.

But every day’s a day for learning, eh. Ta.

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I could be wrong, I just remember watching a YT vid years ago when Insta360 first started on the Action Camera scene they were been compared to GoPro, but the YouTuber said they started in 360 security cameras, we will see soon enough

Webcam for £318 that looks very much like the DJI Osmo pocket

So I see - what a let down that was :slight_smile:

If it was owt big there would have been more news floating about

Also included is a Small Rig mount clamp

SOLD to stubbyd

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No will power.

Title updated to show sold

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