Insurance again

Apart from Care refresh what other insurance recommendations have you all got?
The BMU one sounded good until i read its now stopped!
Also an insurance that covers loss during travel abroad.
Ive got 3rd party liability cover. My home insurance with Axa does not cover it, nor will they.
Suggestions gratefully received.

Third Party Liability I use either FPV.ORG.UK at about £18 per year, or BMFA at £36n per year.


Thanks Steve.
I’ve got the third party. It’s the insurance for the Mavic i now need.

Seeing your logo thing mentioning RAF, are you the guy I met flying the Mavic at Daymer Bay in October. A loadmaster from RAF Brize Norton?

No chap, sorry! been out a long time now and I’m down in Kent…

That’s a good question…

For commercial use there are lots of providers but for personal use we are really limited.

A few people have it covered by their home insurance but I personally am not a fan of that, simply because I don’t know what the home insurance premiums will increase to for the next five years if you were to make a claim. It’s possible the increase would cost more over 5yrs than a new drone would. I don’t know if that’s the case or not, but that ‘unknown’ holds me back.

With BackMeUp no longer taking on new users and not renewing existing ones, we have even fewer options.

Heliguy offer a range of ‘crash cover’ policies but if you have DJI Care Refresh I’m not sure they offer anything over and above -

I don’t know of a single UK provider that covers flyaways or unrecoverable lake-drops, etc :cry:

I feel very honoured to have a BMU policy.

I couldn’t find a single insurer offering anything worthwhile until I stumbled upon BMU. I thought it was too good to be true and it looks like it was as they quickly stopped covering drones.

I look forward to seeing any suggestions people have.

I know @RaRaRasputin was an early BMU adopter too. Simon, what are your plans for when it runs out mate?

Well, until they say otherwise, I will stay with BMU for the foreseeable future. It’s not an annual contract, but rather a rolling monthly.

The only other insurer that comes close is probably PhotoGuard:


I didn’t know that… blimey, what a result in that case :smiley: :+1:

They even put the monthly fee up from £7.99 to £9.99, but not for current plan holders.

TBH, I have it free for the next 2 years from all my spamming on Facebook and the generous £5 commission for each new signup lol, so not moving anywhere soon.

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Even more of a result :+1:

Looking at that link, Photoguard might be cheaper than Care Refresh?

Well, I would now advise probably taking out Care Refresh for New Owner’s then after 12 months move on to PhotoGuard

Looks like Care refresh then!

Just looking at getting my insurance in place.

As above looks like its DJI care refresh with some TP liability. only provides £5m in cover where as the BMFA limit is £25m, something to bear in mind when looking at the cost difference.

You might think £5m is sufficient, but strike something commercial for example and you could easily start racking up costs above that and once you exceed the liability cap, anything above that falls back to you.

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That’s a good point @JonD :+1:

I think BMFA membership is £34 per year?

And it runs from 1st January to 31st December, so an ideal time to join next week :smiley:

Yes mate, £34, starts from Jan 1st to Dec 31st however you can join at anytime. From memory they either prorata the fee or discount the next year, can’t remember now.

Only other risk thats not covered with BMFA or refresh is theft. Previously I’ve used Walker Midgley for cover, might give them a call and see what they can provide.

If they can cover fly aways we can get them 100 new customers in the blink of an eye :rofl:

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That might be a tall order :joy:

Will post back here when i’ve spoken with them :+1:

Ok, so Walker Midgley;

PL cover, liability limit £5m approximately £29 ( they can porvide cover down to £2m)

Theft & accidental damage approximately £9.40 year per £1k of cover. Accidental cover would not replace the likes of refresh ie. its cover if for example you drop it or something on it etc, theft covers away from the home where as your house insurance wouldn’t assuming its coverd under that at home.

So PL is still best with the BMFA IMO.

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So if you crash, but recover it, that’s not covered as accidental damage?