Insurance - has anyone here ever used the Drone Cover Club?

I realise that insurance isn’t essential for sub 250g drones but when I get a DJI Mini 2 I plan to take out some insurance just to be on the safe side - this will be third party public liability and personal accident.

While searching I came across the Drone Cover Club and also see that it’s listed in another thread here but I’m curious if anyone here has any experience with them.

Just under £30 a year seems like a good price too.

Have a look at this section in Drone Scene …

Lots of comparisons etc including Drone Cover Club :+1: :+1: :+1:


Have a look at FPVUK if you’re only after public liability etc.


I use DCC for similar insurance (want to be responsible). The buying process was easy, they did want to see a flyer Id tho. I already had done the test so that was fine (test is pretty easy and covers good material, I’d recommend everyone does it even if not strictly needed). Haven’t had to claim yet tho which is the ultimate test :slight_smile:

If I recommend you I get a fiver, but not sure what you get!

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If you hold off your insurance purchase until you before a Full Member here then you’ll be able to take advantage of our exclusive GADC members discount with Drone Cover Club :slight_smile:

More info here:


Thanks for all the great advice folks, much appreciated. :smile:

I’ve got my drones insured by them and always seem to have a good price , I’ve never had to claim though but they are part of the same group I have my shooting insurance with so it’s a big company


Definitely check out FPV club for twenty quid 5 million liability ins, Also you can fly under article 16 for larger drones just take online test, Check them out Bargain all things considered.

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Just to add to ScottyDog’s comment: membership is £19.99pa and includes our Article 16 Operational Authorisation (you can fly closer to uninvolved people, in more places, etc), we have a direct link with the CAA for Operator ID renewals and our competency test is accepted as proof of competency (equivalent to a Flyer ID)*, you also get discounts off A2 CofC courses, Moonrock insurance for your drone, DJI stuff, etc which more than pays for the membership fee.

And we have a (free of charge) practical achievement scheme too if you’d like to improve your flying skills/ confidence.

For a Mini 2 our link up with a Moonrock means you pay them £34.99 + our £19.99 = £54.98 for £5m public liability insurance, all the benefits mentioned above, plus cover for accidental damage, fly away, etc. That’s available on once you’re a member.

We will also have a direct link with the CAA for Flyer IDs as of next week. So anyone who does our CofC: drone law will automatically get a CAA Flyer ID.

All the best



Hi Simon,
I didn’t know you had a link with drone insurance for accident damage and fly always , my bad lol but interesting to know for next year as I’m a member with you but I never knew about the drone insurance

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I would mine is a Mini SE and while out today I put my drone into sport mode and boy if that hit something at that speed it would do so much damage I’ve extended the cover too can’t be too careful in this blame culture world we live in.


If I get the insurance, the dronecoverclub one - £30 means if I hurt someone or damage something inanimate, that’s me covered for the costs it might incur (if I get sued) for instance for chopping someone’s fingers off with my propellers…?

And as soon as I apply and pay - the insurance is active, like, for tomorrow morning for example?


Hopefully you won’t chop anyone’s fingers off with your drone @Bilbo :scream: but if you do, you’ll have £12,000,000 quids worth of liability cover :clap:t2:

I’m not sure how much some fingers cost, but I’d guess £12m would cover it :blush:

Sorry Paul, I don’t know the answer to that one.

I’d imagine so, most insurances become active the moment you pay, but it might be worth a quick phone to Drone Cover Club on 08000832478 just in case.

Don’t forget to tell them we sent you :slight_smile:


I’m doing it online as we speak… discount code at the ready… :wink:

So I paid and got a receipt and then it said in the confirmation email:

Please note that the insurances afforded by DCC Membership, and any optional extensions, will not be valid until DCC has recieved your CAA Flyer ID and this has been verified and recorded on your membership record. The simplest way to do this is to forward the confirmation email received from the CAA containing you Flyer ID to info at

I assume that’s sorted then - I should have the insurance shortly seeing as I have forwarded the email with my Flyer ID and my Operator ID I got when I registered and passed the online government test? @PingSpike


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Excellent info Paul @Bilbo

Thanks for sharing the outcome :slight_smile:

We’re in regular touch with @DroneCoverClub - they’re a great bunch of people to deal with, you won’t be disappointed :blush:

I don’t need to do their test do I seeing as they have my OP and Flyer ID details (meaning I obviously did the CAA test?)

Their test? :thinking:

Yeah, might be the same, lol…

They don’t have their own tests, don’t worry :blush:

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