Insurance loop


If you have been following my other post “it finally happened” then you know what occurred.
Now trying to get insurance, house insurance doesn’t cover drones. I need insurance to cover hobbyist use but also cover my commercial needs ,the problem is that they are dragging their feet over me completing my pfco. Done the coursework now waiting for two others to complete so we can take the exam and flight test, manuals complete.
As mentioned earlier now being paid separately (as a contractor) until pfco complete but can’t get commercial insurance without pfco .So cant insure beyond hobbyist . PLI covered as only fly commercially on company property


What type of insurance Chris?

Some kind of hobbyist accident / damage cover you mean?


Try coverdrone had a chat at the drone show and they had a new policy for hobbyist and can add to when PfCO comes through


Thanks for the replies, I need hobbyist (accident damage, fly away) but easily upgradeable to commercial . Will try Coverdrone , thanks for help


You’re welcome


+1 for coverdrone.

As Sparkman said, we had a chat with them just as their recreational policy was launched and I’ve followed up with 2 policies.

Very helpful and whilst you don’t really know how good until you have to claim…

The biggie for me was (my interpretation) if you lose your drone, look for it dilegnently for 48 hours and don’t find it, your ARE covered.

Watch the paperwork (as always), I had some docs with £250 excess for total loss, queried it and they confirmed its £100…


What were the premiums?


They quoted me £240 for the Inspire 1 Pro and the Mavic 2 zoom . didn’t bother with the Mavic pro

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I have been looking at FlyIcarus Hobbyist Insurance which is recommended by FVP UK and must say looks better and cheaper than DJI Refresh only £89 pa for Mavic 2 pro so just wondered if anyone has taken out one of these policies? they only cover DJI.


Just looked up FlyIcarus insurance and it came to £190 with no liability or worldwide for both birds


Is that with the 50% FPVUK discount?



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I dont mean to hijack this thread as the topic of insurance has cropped up quite a bit and please point my blind a$$ to the right post which I may have overlooked but…

This post has me now looking at insurance seriously and I’ve got a quote or two but what I’ve become aware of is the different organisations that surround the drone industry, such as:

Drone Safe Register

to name a few. Ought us hobbyists be having memberships to these plus accompanying insurance? is this the kind thing you all have?

Im trying to establish what setup I ought to have in terms of memberships and insurance as an everyday drone (ab)using hobbyist.

Sorry @Gadgerman . Think im deffo butting in here! lol


No problem Sunstone. I’m personally a member of the BMFA (comes with public liability insurance) as for the others no (personal choice) . I am progressing towards my PfCO and am going to need commercial insurance over hobbyist.
I feel all drone pilots should have PLI as a minimum but that’s only my opinion

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As scrutiny grows on us ‘droners’ it seems PLI is the right thing to do. 2 Months now with my first drone and do feel that it’s the way to go.

As a newbie it’s quite difficult to gauge what to sign up to so thank you for your feedback and good luck sourcing the right insurance and with your PfCO too! :+1:


I’ve sorted the insurance now. opted for FlyIcarus with a BMFA membership. Peace of mind. :+1::grin:

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Hi Everyone
I am planning to join either FPVUK or BMFA.
Apart from the difference in cost (£34 per year BMFA, £18 FPVUK) are there any advantages of one over the other? (I am flying for fun only).




I moved your post over to this similar pre-existing thread on the subject.


Thanks Dave

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I’m imminently going to be getting a policy with FlyIcarus(x) but going to get their liability as the clubs don’t seem to cover outside Europe.

(x) If you create an account, and add a policy to basket and don’t check out, they send you a 10% off offer. Currently waiting to se if that gets upped when you wait longer.