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The insurance company doesn’t give justification for why they don’t include those countries in their offering. (Or why they don’t include other countries, outside of geographical Europe).

I could only guess that it is something to do with the legal agreements between Switzerland and Norway and the EU. (We often heard Norway and Switzerland held up as potential examples of what Britain’s relationship with the EU could be like after it leaves the EU).

But ultimately the insurance company can offer to insure whichever countries they like. For whatever reason they like.

[stupid question alert] Am I reading it correctly that if I join and become a member on, I’m covered for up to 5m public liability for £19.99 a year? Back when I was a motorsport photographer is was around £80 for 2m, and I was a lot less likely to drop a camera on someone!



For a hobbyist flight @conceptgoose yes - quite correct :slight_smile:

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Yes. Membership is £19.99 per annum - and you’re then covered by £5m public liability insurance cover.


thank you for the replies :slight_smile:

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