Interested in Starting FPV with DJI HD

Hey folks.
I fly RC planes and currently a Mavic 2 Zoom and Mavic Mini. I’ve had the mini a few weeks and the naff weather stops that flying completely.
Anyway - I’ve been watching intro videos into FPV by Captain Drone on Youtube and other American FPV pilots.

Does anyone over here in Notts/S Yorks/Lincs near Retford fly a FPV setup such as this? Would love to see it in person and where you fly it.

Hey dude.

I’m a little further south than you in Coventry but do head up derby way from time to time. @evilbobbins is closer in north Leicestershire but he flies analog.

If you haven’t already done so then I suggest reading my fpv 101 guide lurking in the forum somewhere.

As to getting started your fixed wing background will assist you no end. Fpv quads don’t fly themselves and we don’t ever fly los.

Happy to let you have a look through my goggles at some point :slight_smile:
Any questions do let me know!

Thanks, I’ll look the FPV 101 up asap.
I’ve flown my old P3 drone using Litchi and cheapo box goggles a couple of years ago and it was great and loved flying the Bugs 3 without GPS etc, but not with FPV.

How do you go about flying FPV if you are on your own and don’t have a spotter and keep within the line of sight rules? - I see the U.S videos and envy them immensely.

If I can make it to Derby at some point that would be great, thanks.
I’ve looked for FPV clubs tound here but haven’t yet found one, but only started looking today to be honest.

Do you have any youtube vids of the DJI FPV ?

I have a whole YouTube channel (like comment subscribe)

Legally speaking you do require a spotter.

Fpv clubs don’t really happen as such. It’s a far looser grouping. Facebook would be my advice to fine fpv pilots

Not sure what you want to see from the fpv system the on google view looks basically the same as the footage on the videos posted with the exception of osd elements