Interested in views on DJI Fly App Editor


Purchased my DJI Mini2 in March 2021. Having great fun flying it around the local Bristol & South West Area. Using DJI fly app to edit videos shot in 1080 but may at some point invest in a faster laptop and software to do the video editing.

I’d be interested to hear people’s views of the DJI fly app video editor. They recently updated it April / May 2021 and seemed to have added more features. Although apart from a couple of YouTube videos I can’t find much instructions or comments on line for this app especially with regard to output quality.


Unless you copy the SD card videos to the Fly directory on your phone, you are editing cached copies of the low-res video transmitted from drone to phone during flight.

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Yes. My workflow is I check out videos on cache. See which ones I like then I download them to edit them on phone. Do an edit then delete files excess so I don’t fill up phone memory with loads of video clips.

Here’s a quick edit I did last week (on YouTube if link works)


I think if it does what you want them use it. It has some great features and it’s free. I think sometimes people buy expensive software to do things that they will never do but think they might offer they are simply not good enough to do themselves …

It’s fine for what it is … I wouldn’t buy a video editing package as I get what I need from iMovie on the Mac which is free …

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I’ve never used the fly app for editing. I may have a look. Personally I use the iOS app LumaFusion for all editing. It’s quite a good tool!

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I like the app, for uploading stuff quickly to the socials it’s excellent.

Like the majority of editors it’s linear and anyone can use it.

Lots of wipes, title options and a load of music thrown in too

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I’ve never used it. May have a look now after watching your clip. Can you output 2.7k from it?

Thanks. I’m not 100% sure as it’s hard to find any details on it. I think it can edit 2.7k but only output the 2.7k as 720 or 1080.

Have you seen this one? I’ve watched a few of this guy’s videos and quite like them. He seems to think it does a reasonable job.

Personally, I don’t think I could be faffed with trying to edit video on my phone.

I use the free version of DaVinci Resolve for video editing. It’s got more capability than I could ever get close to needing. However, it also comes with a bit of a step learning curve, although you can always find a 5 min tutorial on YouTube for anything you might want to try.
Also, I’m running it on my gaming PC, which has enough grunt to cope.

Yes. I saw that video a little while ago. DJI updated app recently with 1.4 release of DJI fly and they have added quite a bit of functionality which doesn’t seem to be covered in the YouTube videos.