Interesting comparison of Super Resolution and normal

Hi all. I took a few shots over the forest yesterday and I have been a bit sceptical about the Super Resolution setting on the Mavic Zoom. However, it does seem to give better results.

Here’s a normal shot at full FOV (24mm) uploaded as Raw, cropped and saved as jpg:

Here’s roughly the same FOV cropped from a Super Resolution shot, always a jpg:

Better resolution? I think so. Only problem, if you look at the second picture, about a quarter in from the left, the stitching’s not so good! (understatement of the year!)


Prefer the colours of the 2nd one … but that stitching is appalling!

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Isn’t it shocking? It was a bit windy though! But I think there’s marginally more detail in the Super.

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I don’t know if the stitching is easier with masses of fine detail or a more bland subject with one or two edges.

With pano stitching apps - somewhere between the two extremes is best.
Not enough detail = nothing to match.
Too much similar detail = wtf!

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