Interesting drone comparison vid

How does a £1300 drone compare to a $100k cinematography beast!

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What is it every you tube vid from across the pond starts with “hey whats up guys “ I normally clicked off by then :sleeping:


:grin: I think I’ve learned to subconsciously filter it out after about a trillion vids :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


reminds me of late 90’s dslr comparison where they discussed ‘Consumer Pro Vs Industry Pro’ … obviously there’s a difference but right tool for the job in hand is best point he made :joy:

I watched this yesterday, I cringed when he clipped his F150 :open_mouth:

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I know they’re worlds apart in sheer cost and of course that larger drone carries some awesome technical abilities but I think it showed just how capable the drones are that we ‘hobbyists’ fly.

It didn’t seem like there was $95k difference in performance if you see what I mean.