Interesting NOTAMs / Flight Reports / temporary flight restriction zones

Ah - indeed.

I’ll have to have a word with a high-up contact at Sunseeker for free tickets and a boat to fly from. :grin:

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Looks like the famous Royal Aero Club of Great Britain - Schneider Trophy competition… 23rd September.

Oh great, how long is that in place for? I wanted to film the kite surfing over the weekend!

FLYING SCHEDULE: 23rd 0930-1300 1400-1730, 24th 1000-1300 1400-1700

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Negotiating for an exemption! The guy seems very nice and looks like I might get to fly after all…

I have been granted a formal exemption with a hard ceiling of 200 ft and a defined perimeter but i should be able to get some nice kite shots. What a lovely chap.


This is the 1931 route… I can’t see it changing at all much over the years.

When this zone goes red at the weekend, will it show in the DJI app?

Don’t update the fly safe database :wink:

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Hilariously, the organiser of the European kite surfing event has just contacted me asking how they get permission to fly their live streaming drones for the TV coverage at the weekend! They had no idea about the flight restrictions until I emailed them asking for their flight schedule! I have provided the details, looks like they owe me one :rofl:

Lucky I mentioned it on here in first place… :joy:

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You literally saved the day for everyone!

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