Introducing Post Reactions 👏🏻

We are pleased to announce a new feature that we’ve added to the discussion forum today.

“Post reactions” !

You’ll be familiar with “liking” a post via the :heart: button, well now you can go one better and choose from a series of reactions :clap:t2:

To add a reaction other than the regular heart/like, simply hover your mouse over the existing heart icon. Or, if you’re on a mobile/tablet just tap-and-hold the heart to reveal more options.

Let us know if you’d like some other reactions adding to the available selection and if there are enough requests for the same emoji we’ll consider adding it in. We will not be adding any negative emojis (thumbs-down, etc).

This is a feature we are experimenting with (which means it might go away again) and we’d very much like your feedback on it.

Try adding a reaction to this post, you’ll earn a badge for it :smiley:


An ‘aye, right!’ icon, though that could possibly be construed as a negative?

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Can’t seem to get it to work on android :thinking:

Which version of Android are you on @DeanoG60 ?

And perhaps more importantly, which browser?

And just confirm, you’re tapping and holding the regular heart icon for a couple of seconds?

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Android 11 and browser is Samsung Internet.

Yeah I’m taping and holding but nothing is popping up.


I know I know :rofl: it’s just the standard browser that came with my phone and I haven’t had any issues with it so figured I’d just stick with it. With the whole if it ain’t broke don’t fix it attitude lol

Think we should have a drone emoji, not sure what it could mean but seems like a pre-requisite to me.

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I managed to post a reaction but boy it was a pain lol think I’ll just stick to the love hearts :rofl:

Have you switched the feature off again? Not working on Win10 / Chrome or Android 9 / Chrome. Can I stop hovering mice and fingers now?

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It’s still on @macspite - is the Win10 machine a surface tablet?

How about …


Ah well, never mind… :wink:


Is it a plugin or in core? I run another forum, so just asking.

Plugin mate - will DM you the details :+1:t2:

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It’s a standard desktop - 32gig memory, 8gig card, AMD 8 core processor. Ig I hover I get a red square over the heart but however long I leave it a click only produces a standard “like”

Android is a Galaxy Note 8. Tap and hold makes the like heart disappear, tapping on the screen brings it back but no “like” has been recorded

On Android 11 Samsung Note 20 Ultra using Chrome browser. If I hold the heart icon other icons appear but then disappear almost immediately?

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OK sometimes it stays and sometimes it disappears. Very hit and miss

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Admin. Can we have a middle finger one please. Just in case my missus joins :slight_smile: Thank you muchly

Love it

:see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:
These seem popular