Introduction from a new member in west London

Hello to all pilots. I’ve just joined here. I live in west London and fly on Wormwood scrubs. My drone is a recently bought Holy Stone 175D. I have three questions which I would appreciate some help/advice with.

  1. Why won’t my drone accept a exfat formatted card, only MSDos?
  2. When I want to upgrade, would you recommend a DJI Mini 2?
  3. I currently fly on Wormwood scrubs. Where else in and around west London can I fly please? Recommendations welcome.


Welcome Jeremy to GADC

The mini 2 is a great drone.

Check out Drone Scene for your area.

Thank you. I’ll look into buying one

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I bought the DJI mini 2 as suggested. Great fun and in a different league entirely to the Holy Stone 175D which was my first drone purchase. It’s like comparing a Porsche to a Ford Escort.

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