Invested in drone technology? Be prepared to take a bath!

Ouch. Just seen a drone I bought for £500 over a year ago for sale on Amazon for less than £180. So much for hoping to recoup some of my investment. :disappointed:

My P2, H33D, GoPro H3 Black must have been a total of about £1,500.
Within weeks both the P2V came out, and the GoPro H3+, and made it worth probably 50%.
Five years later the GoPro is now probably far worth more than the P2/H33D - and a Hero3 isn’t worth that much.

Soon, it’s reckoned, the MP2 will be announced … and my MP will instantly go down in value.

It’s call “progress”. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Dick Turpin wore a mask

It’s all about must have as opposed to make do with what you’ve got

I am new to the drone game but it’s the same no matter what you buy, certainly in relation to technology. The latest PC/Laptop?Tablet/Phone are all being superseded by the next generation. I could have waited for the Pro2 but it will probably be around £1200, which would be pushing my budget too far and then I would have to settle for something less.

Instead I opted to buy the Air now and I have no regrets both on quality or price. All being well, fingers crossed, and it is still working after a few years then it has served me well and it’s money well spent. I see it more of being happy with what I’ve got rather than ‘make do’. I am a gadget nut but there has to be limits… the divorce would cost me more :smiley: