Investigating the Fog Horizon

Best watched on a large screen or smart TV to appreciate the sheer beauty, also you won’t see the tiny details on a smartphone.

On Tuesday morning after a very clear and still night I was planning on getting out with my Mini 2
but within half hour a fog rolled in and I had to change my plans, but I was intrigued to discover how deep the fog layer was so
I fitted my DR-02 Strobe to the underside and took it up through the fog, as it was quite thick I decided best thing was to
only go straight up and not fly in any direction otherwise not even the strobe will show through.
Looking at my post flight telemetry I can see I only moved horizontally 11 feet.

The fog horizon was about the 300 ft mark, as you can see in my footage its such a glorious sight when you eventually poke through the fog to see the lovely warming sun.
I wish I’d have been able to get more footage as it was starting to clear but I had to get to work.

Points of interest:
Amazed to see two birds flying up at this level, I bet they are confused as to where the land has vanished.
To the right of the sun you can see the tips of two wind turbines poking through (you probably can’t see these if your using a phone to watch)
As I pan around you can see Derby Cathedral with the fog starting to clear and drift over the tower.

When I brought my Mini 2 down it was wet with droplets of water, of course you’re effectively flying through a cloud.

Do YOU know the difference between Fog and Mist ? (no looking on Wikipedia)
This was Fog, Mist is normally just a few metres deep sitting in valleys.

One of the things I enjoy most about owning the Mini 2 is it allows you to discover things for your self and witness the beauty
of places you probably take for granted.

Hope you enjoy this unusual view of fog from above.
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Stay safe, fly safe, Live life.


Nice one.
I remember a BOAC plane landing one eartly morning off a Ground Controlled Approach with ground fog about 30ft high and when it touched down only the tail showed it running above the runway…looked very odd. (Lufthansa as usual aborted and went elsewhere!) :rofl:


Yes you forget that fog is water

I sped it up as I watched it and the clouds passing over the church at 4 times speed looks ace.

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Oh yes I see what you mean, Im deffo going to try this again as this is the first time filming this stuff, of course fog it not that common so may take a while.

Thank you

You got to go nearer the countryside in a morning. That’s where the fog is.

It’s quite a usual thing where I live.

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There’s also the moon at the same time the church appears, looks great too.
Great Video thanks

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Very nice footage

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Good skills!

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Well spotted, Yes before the fog the sky was totally clear and the full moon was very bright.


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