iOS users notice from DJI

I know it’s states their other drones but there could be an issue with the software overall. Just a heads up.

Just updated my iPad mini too. Jeeees. How do I roll back guys. Is it simple

It’s not a simple task to roll back iOS :frowning: And without a jailbreak I’d say it’s probably impossible?

This is twice in a row they’ve done this now!

See this thread from just last month:

I do love the Apple Fanboi threads slagging off Android.
Fine when it’s all going well … no options when it isn’t.
And, when you think about it, it’s not difficult for the likes of DJI to have EVERY model of iOS product to test on … there aren’t that many. No excuses!
Considering how many flavours of Android there are, let alone devices on which it runs … any developer should be congratulated for getting anything to work! LOL!

Not only that, but all app developers have (very) early access to all iOS beta releases.