Ipad Glitch?

Hi Guys,
Has anyone come across this before. Was out with my Mavic Air and using iPad 2 linked to my controller via USB on the bottom of controller. Flying for less than 10min when i got a low battery warning on my iPad (9%) then it shut down :open_mouth: You can imagine what went through my head!! I pushed the RTH on the controller and thankfully my drone came home. I changed the iPad 2 for my new iPad 10.5 and no more problems. I checked the ipad2 to see if it needed charging but no, it was showing 89%. Anyone else experienced this. What a heart stopper!!!

Had a similar issue with the Mavic mini recently. Started with a fully charged iPhone 7 Plus and in less than 15 mins I got a low battery warning on the iPhone. I thought the phone trickle charged from the controller but maybe not. In any case I’ve no idea why the phone drained so quickly. The phone really did need charging unlike your case.

Android devices do, Apple don’t :+1:t2:

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When I get back to UK I’m going to give it another try weather permitting.

Strange one PinSpike. Maybe an Apple problem?

Yeah it’s a strange one. Just said to PinSpike it could be an Apple problem. Glad it not just me, in a way anyways. Last thing I would wish on anyone Is to lose their pride and joy

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Yeah great stuff. Will be interesting to see if anyone else has experienced this. Like I say, it’s heart stopping.

Ipads do not like the cold. If used outside of a case the aluminium back acts like a big heat sink and effectively chills the battery which is glued directly to it. Once it’s brought back into a warm environment the charge level will increase to normal.



Marvellous Nidge, I think that might of solved it. Was a cold day for sure. Should of taken a hot water bottle with me. Now there’s a thought :thinking::joy:.
Cheers fella :+1:

Yes I’ve had it with iPhone and iPad in the cold, but only with an old battery. The battery health In the settings said (not charge)said 89% healthy but warned that its ok, but might not support some applications that cause a high current drain on the battery causing the voltage to drop rapidly.
It became a bloody nuisance with the worn out battery, it was ok in the warm, but when it was cold it would rapidly go from 100% charge to 9% in minutes. Sometimes turning off completely. Had the battery replaced and no issues since.

You could place one of those handwarmer pads on the back between the ipad and the mount.


Cheers Brian. It’s a school day everyday I guess. I’ve had the iPad for some time now so it looks like it’s time to change the battery. It did exactly as you said and shut down. I had my new iPad with me thankfully so a quick change saved the day. Any idea how much a new battery would be?
Thanks mate for the information. Much appreciated :+1:

Now there’s an idea. Things you have to do :roll_eyes:. Nice one Nidge :+1:

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There’s loads of different prices to be honest. I changed the battery myself, but never ever buy a replacement from eBay. They are usually used, repackaged and sold by our ex colonial cousins. Mind you they did have to refund me when I complained that they’d sold me used crap as new. Better to go to an official dealer, get a quote from them, and it’ll be guaranteed new.

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Absolutely true !! Its one of the main reasons I do not use the controller to hold my iPad mini 4, instead use a cradle so i can keep it in its case and therefore nice and warm. It DOES make a huge difference from how I have tested it this winter. I only use the controller to strip the iPad in the “warmer” months in the UK - at home i never have any device in a case or it fries lol.

To be honest Brian I never buy on EBay for that very reason. I’ve heard some horror stories. I’ll get some prices sorted for sure. Cheers mate :+1:

Hi Silverfox. I’ll get a new battery plus keep it in it’s cover as you suggest. I did put it in a cradle but without it’s jacket on. It’s a learning curve for sure. :+1:

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Same here, Amazon is much better, eBay now seems to be a place for the unscrupulous people to peddle crap.

What others said check the health of the battery opposes to the charge.

It might display 90% but if it’s only got 40% health to start with your fooked.

Settings - Battery - Health


Cheers milkmanchris, just wish I knew all this beforehand. My heart sinks just thinking about it. But at least my bird came home. Won’t happen again if I take on board what you guys have said, and I will for sure. Cheers to you and everyone who’s answered my question.
This is sure a great place to be :+1: