iPad Pro 12.9in clamp

Hi all,
I just bought a DJI Mini 2, and would like to use my iPad Pro 12.9in instead of my iPhone as the display. I have seen some iPad holders to extend the grip of the clamp onto the remote control unit, but have not seen one big enough to fit the iPad Pro 12.9in.
Do they exist, and where could I get one?
Thanks so much for your assistance.

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What is the width of the ipad? (Short side)

That’s a seriously large tablet to be hanging off the controller and also a lot of weight to be standing in a field, holding in your hands while controller a drone.I get the feeling the reason you can’t find a mount large enough, is there are very few in any companies or even individuals that would consider it a good idea . A screen that large would be amazing for sure, but for me it’s just seems a bit too big.Maybe I’m wrong but that’s my opinion… Good luck

It is 22.5cm wide

You can find springy extensions on ebay or amazon. Im using an ipad 5, think that more than enough to be using with the remote, unless your supporting to weight via a neck strap, your hands will tire holding that remote and ipad