iPhone 13 screen brightness for flying

Hi all hope you’re doing well.

I was wondering if you think the iPhone 13 has got a good amount of brightness I’m thinking about upgrading my 11.

Also I’m guessing that it’s still compatible with the DJI fly app?

This iPhone 13 is 800nits so it’ll be brighter than your iPhone 11 at 625nits and brighter than the new DJI RC which is only 700nits.

Works fine with the DJI Fly app.

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If it gets hot, it will automatically dim anyway.

You’ll need to turn off a bunch of settings to stop it from doing that, which you’ll then have to remember to turn back on if you want them on.

auto brightness, true tone, low power mode etc.

Heat is a phone batteries worse enemy in terms of battery lifespan (the reason over time your phone battery does not last as long as it did with a full charge as it did on the day you purchased it) Using the DJI Fly app greatly increased the degrading of my iPhone 12 Pro battery. It’s now down to 89% of it’s original capacity in the battery health bit. It hasn’t gone down since I got the Mini 3 with the RC remote.

Oh wow that’s good definitely worth the upgrade then even if my bank account won’t like it

You might want to wait 45 days.

iPhone 14 will be announced in about a months time. So iPhone 13 prices will drop at the same time as the new one is released.


Good shout, September always brings new Apple goodies :blush:


The pro max phones all have brighter screens, I have 12 pro max, bigger screen and brighter. Worth a Google.

So now we know the prices of Apples on the market phones now the 14 is available for pre-order.

The 13 is now £749, it’s only come down £30! Interestingly you can still buy a 12 as well (£649). The UK market seems to have got shafted somewhat in comparison to US prices where the new 14 price point was the same as last year, whereas over here prices have bulked by £100. :roll_eyes:

The standard 14 is £849.

I’m not sure what drone(s) your flying, but if the phone is in good shape, and the only concern is brightness, you may even want to look at the DJI RC instead which is now compatible with more models and is a damn sight cheaper than a new phone at £255 and isn’t going to dim when it gets too hot, unlike the iPhone.

So you’ve got plenty of options.

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We do with drones too. If a new DJI drone is $499 it’s invariably £499 here too :roll_eyes: :confused: