iPhone XS Max

I’ve upgraded my phone and Go4 doesn’t work. Won’t even open.

Anyone else suffering?

Hi @LarryDeath

There was a thread recently on iOS12 and GO4, but unsure of the phone model(s) involved:

I’m on IOS 12 and all fine … but that’s on iPhone 7 .

On iOS 12 here with iPhone X, no issues

Mine absolutely refuses to play ball. Press the app and the load page flashes up for a second then crashes out back to normal phone screen.

Rebooted phone and all that jazz.

No dice.

Mine was iPhone 7 as well, so can’t help

I’m still on iOS 10.3.3 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Do you get to use the whole screen for GO4 on the iPhone X now? I remember when it first came out there’d be blank space on both sides making the viewing space quite small.

iOS 12 on iPhone X here, all fine for me

DJI probably need to release a GUI update for the extra screen space on the Max… I remember going through the same issues when I first got a Plus model


New release on the App store and it’s all working as should be.

Which is nice.


Good to hear! :+1:

That’s good. Glad it’s sorted. Didn’t take them too long to send update out.

Great news, thanks for the update @LarryDeath :+1:

Meanwhile we’re all still waiting for shots of your drone on that landing pad though :wink:

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I’ve edited something together…

just uploading…


Glad all is ok. I have used an IPhone XS Max with the Go4 App over the past week or so without any issues.