Is he a little mad?

The guys extremely clever, but his videos are… well…

Anyway, as have been watching a few for the new build, he sticks his VTX antennas to the arms near the motors. For resonance fighting, yes I get it (and he the king of removing vibrations), but how much will that affect the video? I know a lot stick there radio RX on arms, so is this any more crazy? Thoughts, anyone done it?

Any electrically conductive material, in this case carbon fibre, if placed within the near-field of an antenna will affect its radiation pattern. It’s the principle of operation of directional antennas such as the Yagi, and other passive phased array systems. Unfortunately we have to make use of the space we have and compromises (form over function) have to be made. But no, his antenna placement will greatly affect the performance, and not in a positive way.

Yeah thought it’d be bad for the signal, but how much compared to hanging out the back. He’s chosen resonance performance over VTX performance, as he hates things “hanging” from the back of quads. I may try it there on this build and see what it’s like tbh, it’s easier than designing yet another mount for an antenna! Might also look at buying two antennas as the O3 has two VTX ports and the stock one apparently isn’t great!