Is it ok - to grab epic pics for my windows wallpapers?

There are loads of astounding drone photos that you guys post on here, is it ok to grab these pics for my windows wallpapers? or sould I always ask pemission?


Not for using as your own windows wallpapers, you would just be looking at them on your computer, which you’re already doing anyway.


Hi Paul, I have no problem using any of mine as long as it is just for your own wallpaper, but I would say that it would be polite to ask, just in case. I would also suggest that if it was noticed by a third party (especially if someone wanted to use it commercially or wanted a print) that you point them towards the copyright holder.


There’s nothing to say people can’t, nor is there anything to prevent people doing so.

As a courtesy it might be good to throw in a “That’s awesome, I’m grabbing that as my desktop/wallpaper!” comment of appreciation.