Is the Airdata UAV 360 Gold worth the money?

I had a paid subscription to Airdata until a couple of months ago. It looks like about £60 for a yearly subscription. Is it worth it or is there something just as good for flight logs?

I’m unaware of any worthy alternative.

As to the “is it worth it?” … that really depends upon individual needs (and pocket depth).

As in, are the extra features you get, when you pay, actually features you would need/use often enough to justify the cost to you.

Personally, the only thing on the free version that pees me off is only having access to the last 100 flights. So, setting up extra email addresses on my domain, I now have several free accounts.
Obviously that doesn’t total the hours/flights/etc … but, for me, that’s no big deal … and I can manually add together the totals for each account quite easily should I need that information.

I found that because my sub had expired and it wasn’t a renewal I was entitled to a new plan discount code OKTOFLY which gave 20% off so I’ve signed up for 360lite which cost about £26.

Now I can study my latest scary flight!!!

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