Is the Ryze Tello worth our attention?

Anyone taken ‘the plunge’ and bought a Ryze Tello yet? I notice it’s available in the UK from places like Amazon and Argos for a measly (compared to other drones) ninety-nine quid.

I’ve been checking out some reviews of the Tello and while it’s definitely nowhere near the league of the type of drones we fly in GADC it is of interest for a couple of reasons: 1) It features DJI technology and is even sold by them. 2) It’s small and cheap enough to attract first timers to our hobby. Granted its range is limited and it shoots 720p video from a non-gimbal camera but, in my opinion, it could be the pioneer of a new sector of the drone market.

Any thoughts or opinions?

I did have a look when it was first announced BUT it was clear that it’s really aimed at, let’s say, below 13 year old operators.

They started their ad campaign with the ability to input simple commands via a computer to do flips, etc., so that that age group could learn about simple coding and flight characteristics. Using a smart phone as the flight controller, minimal flight distance, low res camera, and so on.

IMHO it’s not the sort of drone that most members of forums such as ours would be interested - now their offspring, that might be a different story???

Just my two penneth.

I take no notice of target audience age, love my Air Hogs USS Enterprise :joy:


That maybe true but quite a few of the (over 13 year old) reviewers on YouTube seem to be enjoying it - and not a word about coding. :wink:

Pretty much the same as Barry I think.

I was interested when I saw the media hype announcement and sure enough, it looks a great gadget but I have a feeling I’d use it once or twice indoors then it’d probably sit on the shelf gathering dust like a lot of my other gadgets that seemed a good idea at the time :blush:

For £99 quid it’s almost worth a punt but again, I just know full well it’d end up covered in dust.

Again, as Barry suggested, if I had kids I’m 99% sure I’d have one of these for each kid :rofl: Definitely a great intro drone to our hobby for sure :+1:

I saw Ikopta having a wee excitement moment over his and tbh @BCF im 51 and love to have one :heart_eyes: reason is fun indoors which in my case is 99.9% of the time :smiley:

i would get the controller and maybe a few batteries. i feel it would perfect my controlling as im all fingers and thumbs with the mavic controller when trying close tight area shots

more distance a usb Wi-Fi extender could help some.

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