Is this a fault?


Oh gosh … other things to consider … my yaw sensitivity is tweaked.
And my gimbal settings are probably not factory settings.
Goodness this gets complicated … especially to test all these aspects if any have been changed.


Just adding, I was getting the issue regardless of yaw speed.


Well, I can repro it with the camera pointing straight down, so I might have a look at my gimbal settings tomorrow.

Dull Video link:

Yaw with camera pointing down from DTVPro Publishing on Vimeo.


They haven’t said, though I’ve repeated the point that that is the issue I returned for, so hopefully.

I’ve missed a few calls from China this morning - hoping they call back soon. Suggestion by email was they hadn’t concluded any different but would like to hear what they have to say.

Will do - assuming they supply one!


Finally spoken to them. Don’t think I’m getting my money back, but stressed the issue again, and apparently my case is ‘prioritised’. Chances of having back for the weekend - slim.


Worth the wait if it’s replaced.

I think most people cave in - they’re probably not used to such tenacity. :+1:


It’s on the way back and the good news is I’ll have it for the weekend. According to the reported serial number they haven’t replaced the remote, so I expect the battle will resume shortly. One thing’s for sure I’m not sending the drone back again!


It’s back. The drone’s been replaced (assume standard is swap out with refurb rather than actually repair).

As suspected, the remote has not been replaced. I’m off camping this weekend so will be testing again, and fully expect the issue to still remain. After which point, the saga will continue.

@JJN Have you been in touch with support yet?


That’s standard practice - I’ve yet to hear of anyone receiving the same drone back :expressionless:


Not yet. I’ve been running through a series of test trying to see if I can eliminate the issue. Its not helped that the freezing appears to be intermittent. I’m off to the Norfolk Broads a week tomorrow and want the drone with me then, so I don’t want to send it back yet. There is an interesting reply on Mavic pilots to my questioning someone else who had seem the problem and sent it back - DJI could not reproduce the issue!

I’ve now seen the freeze with Gymbal Yaw Sync Follow both one and off, which was my main suspect. Obstacle detection was another possibility, (thinking that there are a lot of flying insects around at the moment and one passing very close might cause a stall( but turning that off doesn’t stop the freeze.


I’m beginning to think I need to swap controllers with someone who has never seen the issue - willing to travel! Anyone not too far from Berkhamsted?


Who did you buy the MP from? Reckon they might loan you one for the test? Worth asking?


Jessops - so no chance, I’d say :slight_smile:

Actually this issue is starting to spoil my enjoyment of flying the drone.


Probably right about Jessops.

It doesn’t effect photos! :wink:

I realise it’s now bugging you. Won’t bore with a long, similar, story of mine (nothing to do with drones) … but been there.


Been there as well.

Always at the back of your mind niggling away, constantly researching to the point of it being obsessive lol.

What I’d suggest is at the moment enjoy it for what it is, get the most of the good weather and the next bad spell get it sent in to DJI.

Hopefully someone can give you a shot of a controller and at least you will know that’s what it is.


I completely failed to properly test this weekend, as I was having too much fun. Broke my distance record by taking it out 1km over the sea (very calm day).

Didn’t notice the issue, but find it hard to believe that it’s the drone and the first replacement also had the issue.


Humm - well, there could be a faulty batch of components that affects some new drones but not others.

Please post back when the flying weather isn’t so tempting!


Right, here is a video I’ve just put together - I finally got access to flight logs and put them into Excel to make a graph. Gimbal heading keeps showing a string of zeros and then back to it’s correct setting. If the string of zeros is long enough the drone stops yawing.


Well, that pretty much eliminates the RC, since that’s showing the MP is receiving a totally constant rudder value from it throughout.


I’ll get out ASAP (probably Saturday) and do a proper test on my latest replacement.