Is this the ULTIMATE case (ever)?


Wow, that’s a hell of a case

Hell, I’ll take two - one in Spark size, please. :wink:

Come to think of it, this is just what we need to convince people that drones are friendly, non-threatening objects. Yes, a case screaming ‘Tactical’ in red lights with a black, carbon-fibre look and huge antenna sticking out of it really does the job…not!

i’ve just bought one for myself for xmas.

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Please :smiley:

And congrats! I am very jealous :blush:

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I’m telling her indoors I got it for £200


As soon as it arrives, i’ll Get a video up and running…

Although I’m watching more and more videos on them, I might look for an alternative.

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@Treyjax - Reminder mate :wink: :+1:

me me me very jealous. certainly looks the dogs b’s