Island of Kos - Greece

Since I’m itching to fly and i can’t due to this horrible weather i thought i’d share a video that i did back in June whilst away for my friends wedding.

Its allot longer video edit than i would usually do but they wanted to show it at their UK after party :slight_smile:

The island i flew over to was just over 1k out to sea. No wind, was fantastic for flying pretty much all week.



Great follow of the cyclists at 1:05 :+1: Was that by hand or active tracking mode?

What are / were the ruins on the island?

Thanks for sharing :smiley:

I thought I’d give active track a try… its me and the Mrs on the bikes :smiley:

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What was it like travling with the drone? Airports?

Was fine pal, kept it all in my hand luggage with the batteries at 30%

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