Isle of white locations

Hi Guys,

We are in the Isle of White this week and was wondering if the location link below is ok to fly in ???

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Looks like NT area, which is a no go. But there is some crown shore to the south and looks like alum bay would be ok, but I’m not sure the distance as to whether you would make it to the needles depending on your drone.

That being said, I’ve seen plenty of needles drone videos so I’m sure there must be some “remote locations” away from prying eyes. Wink wink nudge nudge

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The drone is a Mavic air 2

There are no airspace restrictions at the Needles :blush:

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Amazing this is good news hope get some good shoots then :ok_hand:t2:

Try taking off from the beach at Alum Bay. You can plainly see the Needles from there. Or to the south, take off from the Crown Foreshore.


Thanks I’ll try, but of a noob but hopefully be ok :ok_hand:t2: