Isle of wight - Added to Coastal Scenery in the South East region on the map at

I have just added this to the UK Map of places to fly your Drone at


Only earlier today I was looking at photos of the lighthouse and thinking “I wonder if I could land the MP on that?” :wink:
Probably steel and won’t be able to take off afterwards because of compass errors.
I might need to try my manhole cover as a test landing … LOL!

Nice vid, again, too!

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As long as you don’t get to close , I had a nasty moment taking off by some large cranes nearly lost MP in the sea
It went haywire , was also very windy . took three attempts to land .

Thanks for the comments .

Close? I want LAND on the drone-pad … errrr … heli-pad! :wink:

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tempting !

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