Issue with Davinci Resolve

Hi, hoping someone else can help!

I have installed the free version of Davinci Resolve 14 on my Mac. So far I have not been able to load a video from my Mavic Air into the Media Pool. It allows me to click and chose, or drop and drag, but nothing ever loads into the media pool. I have been recording in .mp4 and in a variety of frame rates.

Anyone else have this problem?

Are you dragging into DR direct from your Air whilst it’s connected to your computer? Or are you copying the video to your computer first, and then dragging into DR?
If the former … try the latter.
If the latter … not sure.

I had a similar prob on my laptop running Windows 10. I could load up a video clip and then start editing, got about halfway through then it crashed and lost the part edited file. I came to conclusion there was too much deal running in the background on my laptop

I have to say, that of all video editing apps I’ve used, I’ve found DR to be the most stable on my laptop (Win10).
Not one crash in 4-ish months of use - despite normally having all sorts of other things running at the same time.

Could just be my laptop then it about 3 yrs old now and was high spec she bought. May try and rebuild it sometime clear all the crap off😁

I just tried dragging direct from my phone to DR - it won’t accept it either.
I think this relates to different connection protocols - and if you’re dragging direct from the Air, that will probably be the reason.

When you drag to DR, it doesn’t copy the whole file in any case. It creates its own “thumbnail” version, but needs to constantly refer to the original file for certain actions, and certainly for rendering. DR is rather efficient at working in this way, I find.
So if you were dragging from the air and it did accept it, you’d have to keep the Air connected and switched on at all times whilst editing. This obviously wouldn’t be very practical.

I have to admit I’ve never connected my MP to my laptop to copy files - I always remove the MicroSD and use that in my laptop’s card reader slot. It copies quicker, for one thing, and doesn’t need the MP switched on (the batteries are probably recharging after a flight in any case).

Let me know if copying to the computer first solves the issue.

Thanks guys

I have transferred to Mac and then trying to import to DR.

I have seen someone say on YT that Macs prefer video recorded as .mov rather than .mp4 so will give that a try.

DR will accept either quite happily. It’s a multi-platform app, and can import pretty much anything.

Thanks. I have some time off so will have another try without rushing!

Hi All,
I am entirely new to video post production and to the Resolve package but I have a couple of simple (I hope) questions.
From my mavic I download a video file (.mp4) to my desktop just so that I am editing a local copy.
I add the file to the media pool and then just try and play it but the video playback is stuttering all over the place.
What is causing it to do this when if I just play the mp4 from my desktop by double-clicking it, it plays perfectly,
Back in resolve, if I render the clip, the rendered output file plays fine.

My laptop is Win10, Intel i7-5500U @2.40Ghz

There is nothing much else running on the machine.

Thanks for any help


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When you play the file in resolve you are not actually watching the original mp4.

Resolve is rendering a preview on the fly of what the new video will look like.

It’s quite a processer intensive task, especially with H.264 codec.

The U version i7 processors are dual core and not quad, it might be it’s struggling a bit.

I’m not sure about resolve, but with Premiere you can reduce the quality of the preview to make things a bit smoother.

Maybe someone else will be able to help with that.

Cheers Callum…
Nah, I have to draw the line at shelling out for a new laptop just to edit video clips.
I’ll just have to find something a bit less resource hungry.


There is probably a way to change preview quality.

@OzoneVibe will probably know

At the moment I know my computer is not up to editing?