It finally happened


After flying my inspire 1 pro for work ,it finally happened and I reversed into a tree. Having done this with the mavic I thought the damage would be light but oh no.
The rotors don’t auto shutdown so it tried to cut the tree in half and smashed all of its rotors it then fell out of said tree approx. 30- 40 feet and detached the camera from its gimbal breaking the anti vibration plate off and the two flat cables and breaking a landing gear shock absorber.
I can’t find anyone that repairs the X5 camera’s or sells the part that are required for the camera, got the anti vibe board , landing shocker and the flat cables for about £100, so camera has been consigned to bin ,trying to find replacement but cheapest is about £650 and trying to get work to pay for it . That should be fun


There is more to come but off to pub to drown sorrows


Sorry to hear this. I hope you can track down the parts you need at sensible prices very soon.


That’s a big oopsie. I hope you get it all😥sorted out


Sorry to hear of your loss :frowning:
Surely there is someone able to repair the x5? Do you have photos of the damage it has taken? Possibly someone could print a repair part perhaps?


Sad times Chris :cry:

Rather than bin the broken camera, I’d get a repair quote…

If truly not viable to repair, then I’d sell it on eBay as faulty, you’ll probably still get a couple of hundred quid for it mate.

Might soften the blow a bit :confused:


I have ended up buying a 2nd hand one £600. I approached work for recompense (awaiting a reply) but they now pay me as a contractor at £260 an hour but all breakages are on my head



Ouch… :cry:

If you were flying commercially can you not claim it on your insurance @Gadgerman ?


Yep it’s official that’s fucked


Ouch, sorry to hear this :cry:


Wasn’t officially flying commercially ? I am not insured beyond public liability, I know stupid,stupid.
I have crashed the mavic a few times and only the props took a beating (shuts the motors down on contact) and the camera is tucked away but the Inspire is a different beast, the camera hangs down like a set of testicles with no protection, the motors don’t cut out on contact so when it crashes then beats itself to death with the shame.
Anyway the final total for the repairs is drumroll £760
Camera £620 Anti vibe plate £75 Ribbon cables £5 landing gear £30 Props £20 Prop mounting plate £10



Are you going ahead with the repair?


Already done. Fit landing gear tomorrow and wait for camera and Thunderbirds are go


That’s a real bummer mate!!! Sorry to hear that!


Who repaired it @Gadgerman?

Any feedback you can share with us on the repair process / provider?


I fixed it myself , with small screwdrivers, ,torx bits and a soldering iron. Landing gear fitted just waiting for camera


Camera has arrived as has prop mount. Only noticed this was broke last week. Will fit when I return to to work or may pop in to fit thurs


Ever tought of a career change, might save you a few bob.


No , Shit happens still negotiating with work for them to contribute.
Now trying to get good insurance ? Now there’s a new can of worms, which I will post about separately