It really is all about location

So I’m geeking through YT as I do quite often find myself doing, and come across this

Not the best flying, not the best editing, but damn the location really makes this.

Perhaps because we live in such a shit climate it makes it more appealing (or the pretty lady, or the bodge it duck tape attitude)

Anyway thought I would share, happy bank holiday everyone


I think it’s a little more aesthetically pleasing than videos of fields and canals of Yorkshire featuring @speatuk, Me, and your good self! :laughing:

but then it could just be the music?! :man_shrugging:


That just makes me miss holidays abroad so much :cry:


@Howard78 location location location


all about location and the right musicc always helps

I’m depressed now… LOL

Sorry but I disagree, there is nothing wrong with those areas, in fact I prefer them. I am often in Keswick/Borrowdale with my drone and believe me I would much rather be there than in some hot place with sandy beaches, yes I know I’m getting old.