It's been a long time coming

Or it feels like it, although checking back it is almost exactly four months since I first got the Crocodile Baby in the air, and bet I’ve not flown more than a handful of packs in that time.

But this afternoon I stopped off at Willington with the Nazgul and it was probably the first time I felt like I was practicing, as opposed to “trying not to crash”. :laughing:

Of course, I did crash a few times, but today has only cost me a couple of bent props. And, even more impressively, the session ended with a controlled landing (skip to the end for proof).

I could now do with a few more batteries (I only have the one 4S for it), a lot more props, and the summer back again, please. :grin:


Good job Jez, loved the gap flying under the towers :clap:t2: It feels good when you start to feel you’re in control of the quad rather than the other way around eh :smiley: Now it’s just about flying the packs like you say :+1:t2:

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And in acro as well :clap:t2: glad you’re being to find fun in the hobby instead of just stress! Look forward to seeing you fly at the next meet :ok_hand:t2:

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Just practice mate. Great work. You’ll be smashing the tricks out come the summer

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Looking good! :smiley:

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