It's not all fish farms!

Had a brilliant day out yesterday. We went out on our boat to meet the amazing Katie McCabe, who will be the youngest person to circumnavigate the UK, at the age of 14.
She was coming into Oban so we wanted to applaud and welcome her.

As she came down the Forth of Lorne there wasn’t much wind so no worries about putting up the Mini 2. I used one battery and then stopped our boat and hand caught over the side. Still a little bit nervy. Then as she went out into the open stretch into Oban she got both sails up and it looked so much better I had to put the bird up again.

The second catch was a bit more heart racing as there was much more wind and the Mini was slipping back against the boat. I contemplated trying to crash land into the dinghy but decided against it.

All went well. Here’s the result.


Excellent video, Katie is to be admired especially with the extreme weather we are getting this summer , I admire your launching (and ,moreover, retrieving) from your yacht. One day I may try it but not today!

Thanks Jon. I hope she doesn’t run into any storms on the way back to Weymouth. The other great thing is that she’s bought and done up this boat mainly herself. I’m sure her Dad probably helped a lot but it’s not like she’s a rich kid with a top class boat.

Here’s the drone catch. It was pretty windy and the boat was still moving forwards so it’s a bit messy! I had to try a few times to get it where I was comfortable grabbing it. The Mini would probably hurt less than the Mavic but there’s much less to get hold of!


Very good! Many years ago when my father had a Yachting World 5 Tonner in Brixham the sister yacht Tess Of Teign was mooerd nearby and I understand she is being renovated by a friend of Kate. Joelle, our yacht, was in the family from the early sixties until a few years ago. I was apart owner with my father of Rondelle an Upham’s of Brixham designed Waterbug. However the maintainance of a wooden boat was too much and I now have a “tupperware” Halmatic 880 motorsailor.

I know what you mean Jon. I am sometimes tempted to buy a classic, but then I quickly remind myself of the maintenance and cost! I’m at the age now where everything aches when I get back from a sail, I really should trade in and get a motor sailor!