It's that time of year again! 👍

Shame about the frigging bus (far right!) of “tourists” … I couldn’t hang about so need to go back.


Nice! Where is it? Was it reported by local media?

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What FPS did you shoot that at Dave, seems to be some banding on the video (I’ve noticed it on high fps on the MP before)

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Not sure, but won’t have been >30.
It was just a quickie and quality wasn’t something I looked at. Did notice something in Resolve. I’ll look again later when I’m home.

“Someone” told me. :wink::wink::wink:

Just put in #cropcircles into Instagram, they normally get posted pretty quickly and most put in locations

One I went to last year the sky was black with an infestation of drones! Counted >20, and two midair collisions.
I left.

Not surprised, got to get there early!

4k 24fps …. it’s in the original …. but only the first clip, not the second. Strange.

I noticed the top down down shots seemed ok.

Yup. Which was actually taken first … as can be determined by the position of the “tourists”.

I’ll have to visit at dawn, tomorrow … if they’ve not trampled the eff out of the design.

Perhaps “dawn tomorrow” won’t happen …