It's that time of year again! 👍

Shame about the frigging bus (far right!) of “tourists” … I couldn’t hang about so need to go back.


Nice! Where is it? Was it reported by local media?

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What FPS did you shoot that at Dave, seems to be some banding on the video (I’ve noticed it on high fps on the MP before)

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Not sure, but won’t have been >30.
It was just a quickie and quality wasn’t something I looked at. Did notice something in Resolve. I’ll look again later when I’m home.

“Someone” told me. :wink::wink::wink:

Just put in #cropcircles into Instagram, they normally get posted pretty quickly and most put in locations

One I went to last year the sky was black with an infestation of drones! Counted >20, and two midair collisions.
I left.

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Not surprised, got to get there early!

4k 24fps …. it’s in the original …. but only the first clip, not the second. Strange.

I noticed the top down down shots seemed ok.

Yup. Which was actually taken first … as can be determined by the position of the “tourists”.

I’ll have to visit at dawn, tomorrow … if they’ve not trampled the eff out of the design.

Perhaps “dawn tomorrow” won’t happen …


Anyone in the Redhill area?

Crop Circle @ 51.282740, -0.149845

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Just saw this post… sadly we’re in Half-year-end so getting out is tough but the office is only 30 mins away so will try and sneak out during lunch or after work.

How do you hear about these?

New one! Alresford, Hampshire!

Lat 51.07890 Lon -1.13855

My neck of the woods, normally, but I’m 225 miles away.

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Right next to Danebury Hill Fort, northwest of Stockbridge, Hants.

Lat 51.13965 Lon -1.52957

This time there’s one right near Yarnbury Castle by the A303 in Wiltshire.

Lat 51.15821 Lon -1.95057

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Ooooo! Handy! It’s where I was going to fly, tomorrow, anyway! #Convenient!

Farley Mount - just west of Winchester

Lat 51.058556 Lon -1.424044

These were taken there last year … on a freeeeeeeezing morning!

#Arse! Hampshire County Council “Country Watch” vehicle here. I’m guessing “Country Watch” doubles as “Drones over Crop Circles Watch”.

Coordinates confirmed. Time for a Litchi mission. :wink:

Can just make it out in this (annoyingly) ground-level pic.