I've registered my drone with South Yorkshire Police


I should also add that the op has plainly been very diligent and is obviously a responsible drone owner/operator by taking the initiative.


I wonder who will get a tug the first time there is ‘drone activity’ around Doncaster Sheffield airport.

As I’ve said before I work a lot with local plod, but my upbringing (small mining village, early 80’s) means I have an inbred lack of trust in the police. Look at what’s happening in the news with South Yorkshire Police at the moment


The GDPR rules that you must ask the persons consent before you even gather any personal data. So if any organization or authority wants to keep your personal data they must first ask for your permission to do so. If they don’t they are in breach of GDPR regulations.
This actually applies to GADC as well, so the club should retrospectively request the members permission to hold our personal data.


When you signed up you’ll have seen this ….

… and the link re Privacy that you agreed to is …


So, all is good! … and no need for retrospective anything.


OK that’s great, maybe I’m loosing my memory


The most frequently perpetrated lie in modern society is the one that people accept that they’ve read pages of boring legalese when they install software or sign onto websites.
So - you won’t be alone.


Yes you’re right, I guess we all do it. Even though I wrote a GDPR Policy and Privacy Policy for a charity last year, has to be one of the most boring things I have ever done.