Jail breaking my Mavic Air

Hi Everyone.
I’m very new to the drone flying scene and was wondering if there is anyway to remove the geo fencing/flight restrictions from my mavic air. Whilst I understand that this is a safety feature that is put in place for a very good reason it is also a pain when all you want to do is fly around 10 metres in the air in a NFZ. All the software that I have seen on various Youtube videos all seem to work on Android whereas I’m using an Apple iPad.
Also what are the chances of a “Fly away” ? Do these really happen ?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Cheers. Chidge

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Welcome to GADC, Ian @Chidge

You have very few options available to you on the original Mavic Air I’m afraid, and probably even less for an iOS device :confused:

Due to modding the drone? Zero, unless you’re playing with parameters you don’t fully understand.

Yes, occasionally, but if it’s going to happen it’ll happen anyway, it won’t be because of a mod you made (again, unless tampering with unfamiliar parameters).

Some resources for you to look at:





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Thanks PingSpike for the info. That’s a bummer. Oh well I will just have to stick to flying where I can. Thanks again for the info.

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