January Sales

Historically do places like Unmanned Tech have January sales ??? and are they worth waiting for ??..

Unmanned tech are on here I think @UnmannedCam he might know for sure

Yes but he’s very quite :thinking:

I think he is keeping stum …

I wouldn’t be surprised, given the current climate, that January Sale bargains will be thin on the ground, especially from the small independent specialist dealers. And I don’t begrudge these dealers if they refrain from offering sale items. Very recently we’ve seen interest rates and inflation rise significantly while earnings have pretty much remained stagnant. This is equally applicable to the dealers we purchase from as it is to us the consumer. Add to that the very high probability of further lockdown measures being imposed and increasing issues with manufacturing international supply chains :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

Even in the Mecca of over indulgent consumerism, the good ol’ US of the A Land, this year’s Black Friday events pretty much went by unnoticed. I don’t think even one person was gunned down over a discontinued plasma TV.

As for the online box shifters? Banggood have yet to have a legitimate sale since they started trading, but you may get lucky with Amazon as they may knock a Quid off that Salad Spinner you’ve had your eye on for the last ten months.

Now do you see why I don’t get invited to parties and I’m left to contemplate the bleakness of the Cosmos and the absurdity of our existence?